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In this edition of "Behind the Brand," we spoke to The Galley's Director of Marketing, Gabby Vonigas, about the company's exquisitely engineered kitchen workstations.

Proudly crafted in the United States and inspired by the desire to solve common kitchen design problems, The Galley Workstations make any kitchen task incredibly intuitive. Did we mention they are also extremely easy on the eyes? Well, they are. The Galley Workstations combine beautiful design and innovative functionality to upgrade any kitchen space.


Tell us about The Galley Workstations. Why is this product unique to the company?


There is nothing on the market like The Galley Workstation. We believe the next evolution of kitchen design is centered around a super-functional workstation. The Galley Workstation was invented to:

  1. Consolidate all the meal prep and make it very efficient, easy and enjoyable.
  2. Allow others to join in and assist.
  3. Allow the person preparing the meal to stay involved with family and 
  4. Add valuable counter space where a typical kitchen sink subtracts it.
  5. Be the most important and used appliance in the kitchen.
  6. Change the way you think about and use your kitchen!


How do your sink workstations reinvent how people think about the kitchen as well as how they use their kitchen?


Kitchen design problems: Picture this – cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls, 
colanders, prep bowls are all scattered in cabinets around the kitchen. You're preparing a meal for friends and family but cannot join in on the fun because meal prep workspace is traditionally next to a sink and/or cooktop 
against a back wall or under a window. Others can’t easily join in the process and assist, as meal prep space is 
often limited to accommodating a single cook. Plus, clean-up time is all-consuming. The mess is spread out on your counters 
and scraps fall on the floor from the prep area. *cue the family pet*

Solution: Prepare, cook, serve and entertain all in one place! Our workstations include prepping, cooking, servicing, entertain and cleaning compartments.

    1. Prepping station: Allows you to stack tools to organize and maximize functionality. And, what's even better, the mess is contained in the basin underneath.


    1. Cooking station: Makes cooking tools readily accessible and optimizes functionality.


    1. Serving station: When you're done prepping, this area morphs into a serving station. The two-tier design hold bowls, condiment boards, garnish boards, half-sheet pans and more.


  1. Entertaining station: Setup beverages, glassware, snacks and appetizers for smooth party planning.
  2. Cleaning station: Thankfully, the mess has been contained throughout prep, cook, serving and entertaining; however; this is when accessories can be tilted into the Workstation for easy clean-up. Use the optional multi-purpose basin for soaking or hand-washing, our Galley grates protect the bottom of the Workstation from scratches and, arguably most importantly, both our resin and wood composite models are dishwasher safe.


Why is customization important to your customers?


Although we offer six standard lengths of Workstations—six single and four double 
bowl lengths—customization is important to our customers so we can accommodate specific requests and unique kitchen sizes layouts. We do our best to work with any customer so that they can have a Galley Workstation in their kitchen! It is also important for us to be known as innovators in the industry. We do this through our product line and reputation.


Tell us about your CEO, Scott Anderson. What does he enjoy most about this industry?


Scott, an alumni of Oklahoma City University and Harvard University, grew up in Oklahoma City, OK. He founded and now leads an investment company, Anderson Capital Partners, LLC, that primarily specializes in acquisitions.

In the process of evaluating and acquiring businesses in and around Northeastern OK, Scott was introduced to Roger Shollmier, inventor of The Galley. Scott was so impressed with the product and the way it literally changes the way people think about and use their kitchens that, in March of 2014, Anderson Capital Partners acquired The Galley, LLC. Scott currently functions as its Owner, President and CEO.


Your website states “Innovation is defined simply as a ‘new idea, device, or method.’ The Galley is all three.” Can you tell me about this mantra and why it’s integral for the Galley brand?


Important factors contributing to The Galley and its partners success include highly innovative and thoughtful designs, a unique go to market strategy, hand-made workmanship by highly skilled craftsmen in the USA, the simple, comprehensive functionality of the flagship workstation itself, and an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.


Your products are made in the USA. Why produce locally? Why is this important to the Galley?


    1. We are supporters of anything that creates jobs in this country.


    1. We love American craftsmanship and American quality.


    1. Surveys show that Made in America matters to consumers of all ages.


  1. Our product is sold almost exclusively in America and we believe it should be made by Americans.


Name the top five design tips the Galley would share with customers who are planning a kitchen renovation.


I don’t necessarily have five design tips to share, but rather, a few suggestions regarding the layout for kitchens featuring the Galley Workstation(s).

Installing a larger Galley Workstation in an island or peninsula with cooking beside it, along with a smaller Workstation behind it, is truly ideal! Here’s why...the larger Workstation in the island faces out towards so the cook is always involved with their guests. Also, with cooking beside the Workstation, this makes it a completely linear cooking experience. The smaller Workstation is now the ‘clean-up’ area for dirty dishes, pans, etc. Now, this is certainly not required, but again, an ideal setup in our opinion. Click here to see more information on this subject.


What can your customers expect, design-wise, from the Galley in 2017?


The Galley is launching two new product lines in 2017:

  1. The Galley Tap, designed by David Kotowsky, owner of Hydrology in 
Chicago, is a stainless steel kitchen faucet line, available in four finishes, 
specifically designed to work perfectly with the Galley Workstation.
  2. The award-winning Galley Dresser, a line of high-end, stunningly 
beautiful, functional and fully integrated kitchen furniture, has been designed by nationally known kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin. Available in 13 high-gloss finishes and nine custom hardware finishes, it resets the standard for kitchen furniture.

To learn more about The Galley, call Edelman to speak with an expert sales associate or visit one of our luxury showrooms. In the meantime, browse our Pinterst board for renovation inspiration.

Note: This Q & A has been edited for length and clarity.

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