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  • The Benefits of Copper Sinks

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    From left to right: Cocina Chica, Zuma, Maestro from Native Trails


    Copper has been around for centuries and is now gaining popularity in kitchen and bath design because of its natural beauty and antimicrobial benefits. Sinks are available as an undermount, apron front (or farmhouse), drop-in or vessel.

    Copper sinks are celebrated for their natural beauty. Copper is extremely durable, yet malleable which is why copper sinks come in variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

    Copper Stainless Steel Sink by Rohl

    The finish on copper can vary. Copper finishes can range from highly polished to antiqued finishes and even hammered finishes for a more unique look. For those who like the look of copper but don’t want a finish that is going to change over time, opt for a stainless copper sink.

    One of the best kept secrets is copper’s antimicrobial properties. Unlike stainless steel sinks where bacteria can last for weeks, bacteria only can last a few hours on copper sinks, making it ideal for the kitchen environment. It has been proven by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that uncoated copper kills more than 99.9% of disease causing bacteria, such as E-coli, within two hours of contact.

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