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  • Julien Distinction Outdoor Kitchen Sets

    Plan Your Dream Space
    The DISTINCTION collection offers a multitude of possibilities and options designed to help you create your dream space.
    Having options is a wonderful feeling, especially when the result is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the reason for our modular approach, which offers several sets to build a perfect outdoor kitchen. From cleaning station prep stations to lighting, you can design a layout that suits your space and the way you cook.
    Sophistication without Compromise
    The DISTINCTION outdoor kitchen collection was born from a desire to bring the indoor kitchen’s sophistication and functionality to the outdoors. Soft-closing hardware, sealed cabinetry, soundproof doors, and ambiance lighting are just a few features of our flagship collection.

    All this sophistication resides in a thoughtful design, a rigorously executed production, and choice materials. Our expertise in stainless steel processing and our experience in the professional kitchen industry are reflected in this collection of kitchen cabinets that are as easy to install as they are enjoyable to use.

    DISTINCTION is a collection that stands the test of time and nature. It is perfect for the most rigorous weather, where the elements can wreak havoc.

    Let yourself be inspired and imagine the unforgettable moments that await you in your outdoor living space.
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