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  • Thermasol

    Whether you are looking for steam or sauna, Edelman is here to assist you in creating your dream spa right in your very own home.  Thermasol focuses on creating your own personal showering and wellness environment through innovative products, engineering and ergonomic design. 

    Benefits of steam: 

     -Relieves stress: Encourages a relaxed state and fosters overall well-being. 

     -Detoxifies your body: Releases toxins from your skin through your sweat. 

     -Improves breathing: Warms mucous membranes, soothes sore throat and opens nasal passages. 

     -Relaxes muscles: Improves circulation and helps reduce muscle pain. 

     -Enhances sleep: May help increase better quality sleep patterns. 

     -Rejuvenates skin: Opens pores and leaves skin with a healthy glow.  May improve acne. 

    Interested in steam? Or have questions? Schedule an appointment with an Edelman Expert by emailing cs@edelmanhome.com.