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  • Meet Edelman: Meriah, Sales Consultant

    Posted by Rachel Edelman on

    If you’ve already had the pleasure of working with some of our showroom associates—lucky you. Our showroom team are experts in kitchen appliances, architectural hardware, luxury plumbing, windows and doors, and more. In our “Meet Edelman” series, you’ll get to know our sales team and what products they are currently coveting.

    Meriah, Sales Consultant

    What is your favorite new home decor product and why?

    Waterworks Bond Union Series Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet with Guilloche Link Lever Handles

    Some of my favorite new products for 2020 are the Crosswater Taos collection in Matte Black. It is a great price point especially for matte black and I like the clean lines and simplicity of it. Another one is Waterworks’ new collection, Bond. I think the collection has such a unique look to it; industrial yet minimalistic. Out of everything in the collection one of my favorite pieces is the Union series with a gooseneck spout and Guilloche link lever handles. Finally, I love the new Fairmont Designs Ambassador wall hung vanity. It’s simple but the brass metal details give it a unique look.  

    If you could renovate any room in your home what would it be and why? What products and brands would you choose for the updated room? 

    Wolf Range

    If I were to remodel any room in my house it would be the kitchen. Out of all the rooms in my house I tend to spend the most time in the kitchen. Whenever family or friends are over, we tend to congregate in the kitchen, so I would love to have a kitchen designed for entertaining. Not to mention I love cooking and baking. A few products that I would want to include in this new kitchen is The Galley, Waterstone, Subzero and Wolf. All of these would make cooking easier, more enjoyable, and will allow me to socialize and entertain at the same time.

    Waterstone Industrial Filtration Faucet in Matte Black

    When a client is starting a new project, what is your go-to design advice for them?

    My go-to advice for a client who is just starting out is to think about your lifestyle and overall style of your home. It is helpful to have inspiration pictures that can show certain elements that you like or don’t like. Your lifestyle is important to also consider so I can try and find products that will be the most beneficial to you.  

    What would you include in your dream kitchen design?

    The Galley Sink Workstation

    In my dream kitchen design, I’d want an open layout with a huge island.  I would include a large workstation sink at the island so I can prepare food while being able to easily entertain my guests. I would also like a large pantry and professional grade appliances. My overall goal would have a natural airy feeling that would be welcoming to guests. To give the kitchen personality I’d add a faucet in a unique finish and some decorations that will give it a pop of color. 

    What would you include in your dream bathroom design?

    BainUltra Essencia Collection Freestanding Tub with air therapy

    In my ideal bathroom design, the first thing I want is a freestanding tub with air therapy! It would be great to take a relaxing bath after a long day. A double vanity complete with Electric mirrors so there’s plenty of space and great lighting for getting ready. Of course, no great bathroom is complete without a Toto Washlet seat so I would add that too!

    Electric Mirror

    What are important factors to consider when choosing new appliances?

    When choosing new appliances it’s important to consider your lifestyle. Are you an entertainer that hosts friends and family or are you a home chef that likes to cook multiple dishes at once? Even if you just do the occasional weeknight meal for your family there are appliances that can make life more convenient. 

    In general, what does home mean to you? How do you define home?

    To make your house a home I think the most important part is that the design reflects your personality. This is everything from tile to faucets to decorations and colors. When these design elements reflect yourself, it showcases who you are to guests and creates a space that you want to spend time and unwind at the end of the day.

    Home is a place I’m the most comfortable and safe. It’s a place that I can spend time with loved ones and friends. I think home can be defined as a place that reflects you, where you build memories with loved ones, and are the most comfortable. My favorite thing to do at home is play and cuddle with my dog. I also enjoy cooking, crafting, and planning my next vacation.

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