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  • Meet Murano: Native Trails' New Artisan Glass Sink Collection

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    Our homes are an extension of our personality. They are—sometimes without even intentionally realizing it—also a reflection of our lifestyle. With each design choice and placement, you are creating a beautiful statement of individuality. Already known for its artisan designs, Native Trails introduces a new line of luxury, handcrafted glass vessel sinks for 2020. Meet – The Murano Collection.


    Direct from artisans in Murano, Italy, every piece in the new collection is expertly hand-formed, which gives each vessel sink its own personality. No two sinks are identical in color, pattern or shape, making them an irreplaceable work of functional art for your bathroom. The mesmerizing combinations of colors and patterns are created in the glass molding and spinning process where each sink is hand spun and then formed after being freed from its mold. Human hands and heart go into creating each and every design.


    Native Trails' Murano Collection exquisitely combines Italian artisan tradition with contemporary designs and functionality. Native Trails' expert Italian glass-makers create the glass sinks utilizing centuries-old techniques—from the Bronze Age through Egypt to the Romans and on to Venice. Since the 13th century, Murano has been the center for artisan glassmaking and Murano glass is admired as some of the finest in the world.

    "The Murano Collection from Native Trails is a reflection of our mission to help artisans bring their craftsmanship into markets beyond their reach," states Native Trails. "By infusing the soul of these handcrafted vessel sinks into interior designs all over North America and beyond, we feel these spaces will be enhanced with the ancient-modern sense of this functional art."

    The Murano Collection includes five different design series—all inspired by the romantic Italian coastline.



    Abalone, commonly known as mother of pearl, creates a intoxicating shimmer that is reminiscent of the ocean. The Abalone Series exudes warm tones and creative color combinations perfect for those who feel free by the sea.


    The bold, rich hue indicative of the Abyss Series lends itself wholly to Native Trails' vessel-shape designs. "Expert Italian glassmakers on the island of Murano showcase centuries of artistic innovation in the solid black, spun glass sink series," states Native Trails. The black glass makes a gorgeous contrast and high-impact statement for your bath, especially in light and airy spaces.


    The Beachcomber series showcases a side of the Murano Collection that is distinct with earth tones and mother of pearl accents. The combination provides a serene and whimsical touch to help create the most tranquil bathroom setting.


    Fresh and bright, the Bianco Series celebrates the traditional and lush history of Murano glassmakers. "Murano glass artisans in the 16th century created the opaque, white-colored class called lattimo, or milk glass, states Native Trails. Both the Bianco and Abyss Series represent the more minimalist of five design series, making them perfect for monochromatic and modern spaces.


    The Shoreline series in all its twists and curves embodies the salt, sand and waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Like the ocean, the Shoreline Series is equal parts calm and energetic with colors that are soothing, yet also bold.

    Which Murano Collection Series are you?

    Browse all Murano Collection models available for each design series here and see all new 2020 Native Trails products here.

    About Native Trails


    Naomi Neilson Howard, CEO/Founder of Native Trails[/caption]

    Native Trails was founded in 1996 by Naomi Neilson Howard when she turned her passion for artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade practices into a successful international business. Native Trails started by bringing the work of artisans from central Mexico to central California, and continued on with living spaces throughout North America. Native Trails helped introduce copper as a mainstay material for the kitchen and bath with their iconic copper basins. Under Naomi’s strong leadership, Native Trails continues to innovate with creative designs and natural materials. Today, Native Trails’ products are sold in over 1,300 showrooms throughout the US, Canada and beyond. The company has received numerous awards for innovation and design, and have been featured on DIY, HGTV, and ABC’s series Nashville.

    For more on Native Trails, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter, Google+, Houzz, Facebook and Pinterest.

    All photos courtesy of Native Trails.

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