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  • 10 Unique Freestanding Bathtubs

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Freestanding bathtubs are timeless fixtures that often double as a piece of art. They help to create a luxurious and elegant environment that transforms your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

    Since the 19th century, classic freestanding tubs have served as the perfect focal point in bathroom design. Today's freestanding tubs come in an array of materials ranging from acrylic to natural granite and hammered copper, making it easier than ever to find one that suits your personality. We've put together a list of 10 of our favorite tubs that are guaranteed to make a royal statement in your bathroom space:

    BainUltra takes two acrylic shells and solders them together for the Essencia's seamless design. The interior offers ideal comfort in three positions: stretched out, relaxed and seated.[/caption]

     Stone Forest’s Oval tubs are individually made to order and come in several marble and granite finishes. The granite models have a unique texture with their chiseled exterior and polished interior, while the marble models are polished inside and out for a sleek appearance.[/caption]

     The Happy D.2 tub from Duravit offers a clean-cut architectural design with a feminine chic quality. This tub has a timeless look that works well in any modern bathroom.[/caption]

     The IMAGE-in Motifs Series from Wetstyle brings freestanding tubs with gorgeous detailed designs you won’t find anywhere else. Available in Calligraphy (shown above), Earth, Floral and Winter, these tubs are a true work of art for your bathroom.[/caption]


    The Amalfi tub by Victoria + Albert puts a modern twist on the classic freestanding tub design. The extended backrest offers a luxurious level of comfort that’s perfect for a long, relaxing soak.[/caption]


    The second BainUltra tub design on our list, the Ora has a simple yet striking design that shines as the focal point in a bathroom. Plus, this tub is ideal for smaller spaces with its multiple sizes.[/caption]


    Waterworks’ Clothilde Freestanding Oval Copper bathtub was inspired by the high sloping French copper tubs of the 19th century. Artisan-crafted, handmade, and lined with tin to protect water purity, this double ended tub is perfect for anyone who wants to make an artistic statement in their bathroom.[/caption]


    Native Trails is known for their one-of-a-kind hammered copper fixtures, and this artisan-crafted tub made from high-quality recycled copper is a standout piece. The warmth of the metal and carefully angled sides make bathing in the Aspen an extremely comfortable experience.[/caption]


    Neptune sets the bar high with the Wish R2 tub, built with 100% polymer to offer a comfortable, non-porous texture. This shape is sure to make a bold appearance in any bathroom space.[/caption] 

     Kohler’s Abrazo tub is the perfect focal point for any contemporary bathroom. The oval shape is inspired by clay pottery and has a smooth matte finish that is easy to clean.[/caption]


    Photos: 1. Wetstyle, 2. BainUltra, 3. Stone Forest, 4. Duravit, 5. Wetstyle, 6. Victoria + Albert, 7. BainUltra, 8. Waterworks, 9. Native Trails, 10. Neptune, 11. Kohler

    Which of these luxurious tubs catches your eye most? Leave us a comment below!



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