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  • Featured Designer: Libby Palmieri

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Sub-Zero & Wolf's Kitchen Contest Winner for the State of Ohio 

    Libby Palmieri, owner and lead designer of House of L, is one of the most respected interior designers not just in Cleveland, but in the country. With over 16 years of experience, House of L offers full service interior design for both residential and commercial projects. Her knowledge doesn't just stop at design. Libby has experience with on-site project management, providing her with an understanding of the construction portion of projects as well.

    Libby lives and breathes her projects and is committed to bringing her client’s vision to life. Libby always gets rave reviews from clients because of her attention to detail, professionalism, connection to her clients and is always respectful of their budget. With floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings and video animation, she can bring any idea to life to help her clients visualize exactly what the room will look like down to the smallest detail. Through her design process, clients end up with a finished project that truly reflects their personality and lifestyle.

    Libby has completed work in Cleveland and Akron as well as Manhattan, Chautauqua and Florida. Her work has been featured in Lake Erie Living, Ohio Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, and HGTV.com. Most recently, Libby was named Sub-Zero & Wolf’s Kitchen Contest Winner for the state of Ohio for the last two consecutive years, one of the most prestigious kitchen design contests in the country!

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    For more information, please visit House of L.
    Be sure to check out her blog to see how interior design and fashion harmonize resulting in designs that are fresh, current and always on the forefront.

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