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    Posted by Rachel Edelman on

    Sub-Zero Wolf Outdoor Kitchen[/caption]


    You've been waiting all winter for this time of year—the time when you can finally move the party outside! Before you host that first cookout of the season, consider some upgrades to your outdoor space that will make entertaining as breezy as the summer air.


    BBQ Grill >> First and foremost, the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen is a quality grill. Wolf BBQ grills are sculpted in double-wall stainless steel and are precision-welded to prevent rust or holding of water. These powerhouse grills have the best ignition system on the market, come in four different sizes (30", 36", 42" and 54"), and can be built directly into your outdoor space for a professional, seamless design.

    Wolf grill[/caption]



    Scotsman ice types[/caption]

    Outdoor Ice Maker System >> Would you love the convenience of an ice machine on your outdoor deck or patio? Can you imagine never having to run in and out of the house to fill up a cooler or a pitcher again? Well, this exists! The best part? Top of the line models can produce up to 65 pounds in 24 hours. Scotsman's residential ice makers offer different types of ice, allowing you to choose the perfect addition to any beverage from cocktails to kool-aid.

    • For the Purist: Crystal-clear, taste-free, and odorless, this ice is produced in a unique shape that is proven to melt slower, allowing your drink to stay true to its original flavor and prevent dilution--perfect for the summer months!
    • The Original Chewable Ice: Perfect for soft drinks, smoothies, margaritas, or any blended beverage, this ice is easy to chew and perfectly crunchy .


    Scotsman's Cuber SCC50[/caption]


    Warming Drawer >> Making a large spread of food for 4th of July or a big family cookout? Keep food warm and moist in a warming drawer until you’re ready to serve. Wolf makes one specifically for outdoor kitchens (shown below).

    Wolf warming drawer[/caption]


    Side Burner >>  Ideal for sautéing and stir-frying while still giving you control of items on the nearby grill. No need to go inside to cook side dishes or sauces on the stove. The 13” burner module from Wolf (shown below) is a perfect size.

    Wolf's 13" Burner Module[/caption]


    Undercounter Refrigerator >> The ultimate in convenience for cooking in an outdoor kitchen. Keep your ingredients and condiments accessible, nearby, and cool until they're needed.

    Sub Zero & Wolf combines some of the key outdoor cooking essentials in this outdoor kitchen[/caption]


    Kegerator >> There's something about draft beer on an outdoor patio or deck in the summer months that deserves a category of its own. Adding a kegerator to your outdoor space creates a restaurant/bar-like experience right in the comfort of your own home. The dual-tap model from True Manufacturing (shown below) uses exclusive airflow technology to deliver a frosty and refreshing beer pour, every time. Plus, the TrueFlex shelving system allows you to easily convert this unit into a refrigerator, beverage center, or wine cabinet if your needs should ever change.

    Kegerator by True Manufacturing[/caption]


    Winestation >>  For your wine-loving friends and family, a winestation like Dacor's Discovery (shown below) is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Keep up to 4 bottles of wine chilled perfectly so you have something for everyone, and allow guests to choose just the right amount from the 3 pour settings--a taste, a half glass, or a full glass. The Discovery winestation maintains the freshness of the wine for up to 60 days without any flavor or aroma loss.


    Discovery Winestation by Dacor[/caption]


    Accessories >> The finishing touch for any full outdoor kitchen is storage space. Add drawers to hold cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, silverware and dinnerware. This kitchen below showcases storage drawers.

    Outdoor kitchen by Sub Zero & Wolf with storage drawers[/caption]


    We'd love to see photos of your outdoor kitchens. Tweet us @edelmanhome with the hashtag #edelmanoutdoors and we'll retweet your masterpiece!

    Photos: Sub Zero & Wolf, Scotsman, Dacor, True Manufacturing

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