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  • Vessel Sinks to Transform Any Bathroom

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Vessel sinks are a great way to transform a bathroom from bland to beautiful. These one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    From handcrafted glass to natural stone and hammered copper, we've put together some of our favorite vessel sinks that are sure to jazz up any design.

    Linkasink's Semi-Recessed Mosaic Vessel

    These unique vessels are semi-recessed and are offered in a variety of looks with 12 Venetian Glass colors, 3 Mother of Pearl options, and 5 options for Tumbled Stone. Plus, you can also choose a decorative drain cover to customize the sink further.


    Kohler's Briolette Glass Vessel

    The curvature on this vessel provides a striking reflective effect and makes it a statement piece your guests will be asking about. Tiny variances from one piece to another guarantee that each sink has a unique quality.


    Stone Forest's Natural Vessel

    Carved from natural boulders, no two of these vessels from Stone Forest will look the same. This sink is available in grey or black granite and blends easily into a variety of design styles.


    Alchemy's Velvet Cienega Glass Vessel

    Stunning kaleidoscopes of color and a shape that is sure to catch your eye, Alchemy's handcrafted glass sinks look different from every angle. Inspired by butterfly wings, each Cienega sink is a masterpiece.


    Native Trails' Maestro Round Hammered Copper

    Artisan-crafted and compiled with high-quality recycled copper, this classic shape is great for any bathroom. Fun fact: hammered copper's texture is created from over 30,000 strikes of the hammer and is proven to kill harmful bacteria.


    What products have you found to make your designs more interesting? We'd love to see photos! Tweet us @Edelmanhome and we'll RT your photo!


    Photos: 1. Native Trails, 2. Linkasink,  3. Kohler, 4. Stone Forest, 5. Alchemy, 6. Native Trails

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