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  • What’s Trending in the Master Bath?

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    The luxury bathroom has become a standard feature in many homes today and the reason is simple: we begin and end our day in the bathroom and a spa-like retreat creates a sense of well-being and provides legitimate health benefits. Current design trends illustrate the consumer’s desire for a completely customized sensory experience as well as a passion for technology.

    BainUltra, Chromatherapy, Bathing BainUltra Chromatherpy[/caption]


    In the past few years, consumers were foregoing bathtubs to build supersized, customized showers.  Lately we’ve seen a resurgence of modern freestanding tubs.  Air tubs are our best sellers and today’s models incorporate chromatherapy (color therapy), known to activate circulation, promote digestion, reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, and reduce stress.

    Jason, Microsilk, Bath Jason Microsilk[/caption]


    One of our newest hydrotherapy offerings is called Microsilk™, sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth.  Microbubbles small enough to penetrate the skin’s pores remove impurities, moisturize and plump the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  We installed a working display tub at both in both of our showrooms so clients can see Microsilk™ technology for themselves.

    steam, shower, thermasol Thermasol Steam Shower[/caption]

    Steam Showers

    Steam showers remain popular additions to custom showers but today’s versions incorporate aromatherapy, chromatherapy, as well as Bluetooth technology to sync with your smart phone.  The scent, the light, and the music are selected by you to create your preferred environment.

    Kohler, DTV, custom shower, ambient rain, body sprays Kohler DTV with Ambient Rain[/caption]

    Digital Showering

    The use of digital showers is also on the rise.  These units allow you to select the function, water temperature and flow with near-perfect precision with the touch of the screen.  An oversized rainhead showerhead, handshower, and several body sprays complete a luxury shower setup.

    Amba, Towel Warmer Amba Towel Warmer[/caption]

    Towel Warmers

    Even exiting the shower is more comfortable in today’s luxurious master bath with hydronic towel warmers that simulate a “fresh from the dryer” feel.

    Toto, neorest, bidet seat, washlet, heated seat Toto Neorest[/caption]

    Bidet Seats

    The rest of the world has long-embraced the hygienic benefits of proper cleansing, and the very popular electronic toilet and bidet combination not only delivers superior performance but is a pleasure to use.  We installed one in every restroom so that our clients could experience it for themselves.  For starters, the lid opens automatically when you approach the toilet.  A remote control mounts on the wall and allows you to customize everything from the temperature of the heated seat and the water to the type of spray pattern, pressure and direction. There is even a warm air dryer you can use after your cleanse.  And when you’re done, it deodorizes the air and then flushes automatically.

    electric mirror, lighted mirror, tv mirror Electric Mirror[/caption]

    TV Mirrors

    For those consumers who love gadgets, the master bath suite would not be complete without a TV mirror with LED lighting. Apply make-up in optimal lighting and listen to the news or watch sports highlights while you brush your teeth.

    Whatever you imagine as your dream bathroom, the sheer options in today’s market allow you to bring your vision to life.   From temperature and technology to color and texture, the possibilities are endless.

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