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  • 15 Favorite In-Home Wine Cellars

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    In-home wine cellars are great additions to homes of entertainers and wine enthusiasts everywhere. These 15 wine cellars are our favorite designs from owners who brought their own unique visions of the perfect space for their home to life:


    Who doesn't love a secret door? Especially one that leads down a spiral staircase surrounded by wine! This unique use of space in the floor, puts a modern spin on a traditional wine cellar.


    This small cave-like wine cellar, built into the staircase is a great way to utilize space in a large home, and the stonework makes a beautiful addition to the interior. We love the roof detailing mixed with the stone and the detailing on the door as well.


    This grand wine cellar is beautifully designed. Designing the fixtures upwards and utilizing two floors creates a great visual space, while creating tons of space for storage.


    This wine cellar is anything but ordinary. The circle placed into the wall stands out in this household, making for a modern and unique space. The open front and window on the back create a great way to experience the space throughout multiple rooms in the household as well.


    This amazing gothic inspired space once belonged to the well-known singer Celine Dion. The large dining table in the middle surrounded by the wine stored behind steel frames in the walls, creates a beautiful place to entertain and enjoy oneself.


    We love the idea of this small closet wine cellar. It would be perfect as an addition to any small apartment or house that gives the owner the feel of a traditional wine cellar, but by keeping it more modern, and better sized for the space they're living in.


    This space is a perfect size for a basement wine cellar. The cellar is simple yet elegant, and the intricate detailing of the steel on the outside is breathtaking.


    Located in the Bay Area, this is another modern take on a wine cellar that would be a perfect addition to smaller homes or apartments. The glass doors and the layout of all the wine bottles also makes for a great decor piece.


    This wine cellar in Santa Barbara, is anything but small, with gorgeous wood work, lots of storage space, and it's own bar, it would be a great place for entertaining.


    The light colored woodwork on the inside here is unique for traditional wine cellars, but we absolutely love it. The angled structure in the middle also makes this space very unique and functional at the same time.


    When experiencing this space one can't help but feel like royalty. It's very intimate inside this space with a beautiful chandelier, and perfect for a wine tasting for two.


    The light fixture along with the stonework give this space an elegant feel. And we love the idea of the small table for intimate tastings and dinners inside the wine cellar.


    This smaller wine cellar worked into a stone wall in a basement is well organized and gives off a medieval feel. The stonework mixed with the tile and wood all coordinate perfectly together as well in the dimly lit space.


    We love the modern feel that this wine cellar gives off with the modular shape of the space, the glass doors, and all of the light. The storage on the ground level and above gives this owner tons of space, along with a visually aesthetic space.


    The woodwork here is so intricately detailed and beautiful. We love the addition of the ceiling details, and the light fixture to give this space a pop of color.


    When choosing a wine, here is a helpful chart to reference for characteristics based on the color of the wine:


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