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  • Behind the Brand: Q&A with Mark Rohl

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Since 1983, the Rohl family has been manufacturing classically differentiated faucets and fixtures that last a lifetime. We had the pleasure of doing a Q&A session with Mark Rohl, President of Eastern Division, to gather insight behind the brand and the latest information on the newest styles and innovations.

    EDELMAN: How would you describe the ROHL signature style?

    MARK ROHL: The ROHL signature style is timeless, authenticity. We classify our product styles into Traditional, Transitional and Modern, but each has a distinct look and feel whether it features ornate flourishes like in our Traditional products or striking and bold angles from our Modern Collections.

    There is a common thread that is woven through all ROHL products and that is timeless authenticity. Trends come and go and your style preferences may change over the years, but your ROHL faucet or fixture will always be beautiful.

    E: What do you recommend homeowners do before beginning a remodeling project?

    R: Talk with the experts! Whether that’s visiting a showroom or meeting with a designer, these are the individuals who can take your ideas and transform them into reality and be realistic about managing expectations. You also want to touch the brands, see them in person and get a real sense for how it will look in their homes.

    Often times, I think people get a false sense of the remodeling process by something they’ve seen on television or on the internet. These mediums are great for gathering inspiration, but when it comes to transforming that inspiration into reality its best to consult with the professionals.

    E: ROHL promotes the sink and faucet as a “Water Appliance”. Can you tell us why this concept is so important?

    R: Few rooms in our home personify our lifestyle, more than the kitchen does. It serves as command central - the functional center of the home.  Naturally, cooking, cleaning and entertaining are often the primary activity of the space, but what’s surprising to most people is that 60% of our time in the kitchen is spent at the sink and faucet. You probably use it 10 to 30 times a day depending on the size of your family. That’s more than any other kitchen appliance, which is why we feel the sink, faucet and its coordinating accessories (sidespray, soap dispenser, etc) should be given the same consideration process as other traditional appliances and the reason we call it the ROHL® Water Appliance

    E: What sets ROHL apart from other manufacturers?

    R: What sets ROHL apart is our legacy of design and inherent belief in authenticity, trustworthiness and family legacy. The company was founded 30 years ago by my father, Ken Rohl and is truly a family business with my brothers, Lou, Greg and I working together. From its start, ROHL has refined and perfected the design of its products, working closely with manufacturers from Great Britain, Western Europe, North America and New Zealand to authentically craft faucets, fixtures, fittings and accessories for the kitchen and bath. These very special collections are made by artisans who use time honored techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Every ROHL product carries a unique provenance that celebrates its heritage and craftsmanship. For example, with our Shaws Fireclay Sinks, each sink is hand-poured and is stamped (signed) with the name of the artisan who made it. It’s the dedication to these details that sets ROHL apart.

    E: Are there any upcoming product releases you can tell us about?

    R: We have several new exciting product introductions for the kitchen and bath in 2015. We were very excited to have our new Graceline Lavatory Faucet which was designed exclusively for ROHL by acclaimed designer Michael Berman, win a Best of KBIS – Bath Silver award this year. This new addition to our American Moderne Collection celebrates Michael’s appreciation for streamlined design. When you look at its unique thumb depressions on the handles and knurling banded escutcheons, you get a subtle maritime feel, like the glamour ocean liners of the 1920s. With two exclusive new finishes for this line, Satin Gold and French Brass, we know this is going to be a showstopper.

    Later this year (Q2 2015), the new Perrin & Rowe® Deco Bath Collection will be available. As its name implies, this new Collection celebrates the exuberant design and style of the art deco era.  The inspiration behind these faucets and fixtures was taken from some of London’s finest hotels and iconic buildings built during the early 1900s, including the Park Lane Hotel, the Savoy, OXO Building and the Battersea Power Station.

    E: What's the one product you couldn't live without in your home?

    R: The one product in my home I couldn’t live without is my Perrin & Rowe® Shower System. It’s got a rain showerhead, a hand shower and three body sprays and is exactly what I need to help me start my day.

    E: What is your favorite collection from ROHL and why?

    R: Choosing a favorite ROHL collection is like choosing a favorite child, but what I can say is that I’m particularly partial to our family’s ROHL® Water Appliance. Its design is very similar to the water appliance lifestyle we call the “Full House” and features a Perrin & Rowe® 4-Hole Kitchen Faucet, along with a Filter Faucet, soaper and handspray. It’s got everything you need, including the kitchen sink. With my wife and I and our two teenage daughters and their friends, our water appliance is definitely the hardest working appliance in our kitchen.

    To help people determine their own ideal water appliance, we’ve created a fun quiz they can take. Just go to www.rohlwaterappliance.com, answer the questions and based on the responses, we’ll help to determine options based on your lifestyle.

    E: What innovation/product are you most proud of?

    M: The product that I am most proud of is the product that actually started the ROHL brand, the ROHL Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. While it is now probably one of the most iconic kitchen faucet styles, it wasn’t until 1983, that my father, Ken Rohl, actually introduced the concept to the U.S. market after discovering it at a trade show in Europe. Like any business leader, he started with a vision—and his timing was perfect. This design concept has since changed the U.S. kitchen faucet business forever. With a true entrepreneurial spirit Ken worked tirelessly selling faucets from both a converted bedroom office and the trunk of his car and over the last 30 years has lead the brand to where it is today.



    The ROHL Family (L to R): Lou Rohl, CEO and Managing Partner; Greg Rohl, President Western Division; Mark Rohl, President of Eastern Division; Ken Rohl, Founder and Chairman[/caption]

    E: What do you want ROHL to be known for?

    R: I want ROHL to be known as a brand that is anchored in a tradition of family values, trust, integrity and innovation. Our dedication to provide customers with the finest luxury products for the kitchen and bath. We take pride in knowing every ROHL product has its own traceable legacy, beginning with its source of design. These authentically made faucets and fixtures utilize the finest quality materials and finishes, often found only in the regions in which they are produced.

    For more information on Rohl, visit www.rohlhome.com.

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