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  • Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Whether you are trying to make the most of minimal square footage or simply want to camouflage unsightly (and sometimes excessive) bathroom products, we’ve identified great storage options for you.

    Recessed Storage
    Create a recessed niche with the space you already have.  For remodelers, recessed niches work great next to a sink or in the shower. There is typically 16 inches between the studs of your walls, and 4 inches of depth between the dry wall and studs.  Consider creating one tall niche, or several smaller niches for added functionality and visual interest.

    Design Tip: Switch out your store bought bottles and transfer the contents to decorative glass bottles.

    Open Storage
    WETSTYLE 's Niche collection is available as a freestanding or wall-mounted shelving unit.  It’s perfect for storing towels, bath salts or oils. The niche comes in natural oak, wenge, white-washed or grey-washed finish.

    WETSTYLE niche in natural oak[/caption]

    Linen & Vanity Towers
    A linen tower is a must-have for any bathroom without a closet (if you have the extra space for it, of course).

    Ambella Willowbend Vanity and Linen Tower[/caption]

    A vanity tower is also a great option that doesn’t capitalize on floor space since it sits directly on the vanity.

    Mobile Storage
    Mobile Storage units are perfect because they are so versatile. They fit underneath wall-mounted vanities, can be easily moved where you need, and some even double as a seat.

    Duravit X-Large Mobile Storage[/caption]

    Hair Dryer & Curling Iron Storage
    Free up counter space with designated storage inside your drawer perfect for blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Some come with a power outlet inside the drawer for added convenience.

    Cold Storage*
    Prolong the shelf life of your favorite beauty products using Robern’s cold storage cabinet. We recommend making space for eye creams, gels, lip glosses, mineral water sprays and aloe products.


    Robern M Cold Storage[/caption]

    Shower Baskets
    De-clutter your shower with these sleek storage baskets. They are available in various styles, configurations and finishes to fit any shower. The baskets mount directly to the wall for easy installation.

    Ginger Splashables[/caption]

    *Effective July 17, 2013 M Series cabinets with cold storage has been discontinued. Robern is currently exploring alternative designs and technologies that better meet the customers' needs.

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