Beautifully Blue Interiors

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Blue is one of this seasons hottest colors for interior designers. Here are some examples of how to incorporate this beautifully bold color into your home!



The pattern of this backsplash leading down to the floor is a great way to decorate a plain wall while adding some character to your bathroom.[/caption]

Bedroom designed by Amber Lewis. Blue fabric covered headboard contrasts perfectly with a white comforter with silver sequins. Dark wood floor with a blue wall, and the window seat with a blue cushion and colorful pillows bring all different shades of blue into one beautiful space.[/caption]


The walls are a dark blue color mixed with the lighter blue patterned rugs and chairs. The orange glow of the light fixtures lining the wall stand out against the blue, pulling your eye down the long hallway.[/caption]


The blue-grey paint on the door, walls, and cabinets make this kitchen unique and beautiful. The stain of the wood floor is a perfect balance and the light fixtures add a little personality to the room.[/caption]



The framed, navy, patterned cloth decor is a great way to add visual interest to this bold wall.[/caption]

A bold blue hue really makes the wainscoting pop in this bathroom.[/caption]


This room is extremely modern. The tiled flooring is just a few shade darker than the wall and they look beautiful together! The orange chair is a perfect addition retro vibe.[/caption]


Love all of the shades of blue working together to create one beautifully bold space. The pattern on the ceiling is a unique way to add some detail to your space as well.[/caption]


This dining room is absolutely breathtaking! The mixture of blues and patterns, along with the touches of blue on the ceiling give this room a perfect summery feel.[/caption]


Royal blue, white, and gold is the perfect combination for any interior decor.[/caption]


What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate blue into your home? Let us know below!

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