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  • Dornbracht's New Cyprum Finish

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Say hello to Dornbracht's new Cyprum finish: a modernized rose gold hue that offers a fresh take on the copper trend.

    It's hard to ignore the buzz that copper finishes have been making in the kitchen and bath lately. We have to admit: although we'll always love the classics like polished chrome and brushed nickel, these outside-of-the-box tones are exciting to work with. To make it even more interesting, Dornbracht's new Cyprum finish adds eye-catching layer of luxury you can't miss.

    The shimmering 18-carat gold finish is like jewelry for the kitchen and bath, and creates a look that is both unique and lustrous. Cyprum works in multiple design styles, adding a soft feminine touch to lighter neutral spaces, or providing a spark in darker masculine spaces.

    We chatted with Pat Jarvis, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Dornbracht North America, to get some insight behind this sleek new finish:

    What is Dornbracht looking to achieve with the Cyprum finish?

    With Cyprum, we want to provide our customers with a timeless finish that still speaks to current trends. At the same time, it should clearly speak to the Dornbracht brand - unique, design-oriented, and of course, luxurious.

    In what parts of the world, and more specifically the US, are you seeing Cyprum the most?

    We’re seeing this finish all over the world and all across the U.S., not just in a particular region or city.

    Where did the Cyprum finish originate and how?

    We recognized that after years of cooler colors dominating the design world, warmer colors were making a comeback. We wanted to follow the trend, but we didn’t want to offer just a standard copper finish. We introduced 18-carat gold. The gold and copper combination gives the finish a warm, lustrous rose-gold hue that is unmatched.  Cyprum is derived from the Latin word “Cuprum” for copper.

    Do you predict that the Cyprum finish will become a staple for the Dornbracht brand?

    We recognize that it won’t be as popular as our chrome, platinum, or platinum matte finishes, but we foresee Cyprum as being a mainstay in our growing finish portfolio. It offers customers a unique, warm finish that’s an alternative to all the other gold finishes out there.

    What type of color schemes and design do you feel Cyprum works best with?

    Cyprum is a dynamic finish that not only works in traditional, rustic, or transitional interior spaces, but complements even in the most contemporary of homes.

    Photos: Dornbracht.com

    Cyprum is available now from Dornbracht in TARA, TARA CLASSICPIVOT and MEM series.

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