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  • The “Best” New Blower System in Appliances

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on


    Certain images come to mind when you think about your dream kitchen: custom cabinets that allow for convenient, accessible and efficient storage, the countertops you fell in love with, a reliable range and oven for all your entertaining needs. One important kitchen essential that is often overlooked is the blower system powering your range hood. 

    Best range hoods are recognized for their Italian-inspired designs available in a wide variety of styles, but they are garnering attention for developing a new blower system that may change the performance standards of range hoods.

    The team at Best identified the most common concerns people have with blower systems:

    • Noise - it’s difficult to have a conversation with a noisy system taking over the room
    • Smoke and odor removal - no one likes the hassle of a smoke alarm going off in the middle of cooking or lingering smells
    • Energy efficiency - with most appliance brands making an effort to cut down on energy usage, it's only fitting that the same expectation would apply to range hoods

    Taking these concerns to heart, Best began development of the iQ Blower System, which would soon put all three of these common concerns to rest. There haven’t been many significant changes in blower technology, especially in recent years, but Best took on the challenge and created something innovative. The iQ is the first system that is refreshingly quiet and intelligent. It offers three flexible performance modes, removes smoke and odors 2x quieter and 30% faster than any other high-end range hood, and is 22x more energy efficient. With plenty of beautiful designs to choose from including island, chimney, built-in and professional range hoods, the new iQ system can be adapted into any kitchen style seamlessly. To learn more about the iQ system and Best Range Hoods, visit them online at http://www.bestrangehoods.com.

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