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  • Which Bathing Style is Right for you?

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Enhance your well-being by starting a bathing routine. Today, there are a variety of therapeutic bathtubs to stimulate your senses, promote relaxation and improve your overall health.


    How it works:

    Typically, 6-8 jets are positioned around the tub. A pump forces water and air to circulate through these jets to create a massaging experience.

    Improve your experience:

    If you plan on bathing longer than 20 minutes, install an inline heater for the bath. The heater will circulate hot water through the jets to keep your bath warm throughout your session.


    Out of all the therapeutic tub options, whirlpools require the most maintenance. Water can sit in the jet lines in between bath sessions and create mold and build up. To clean out the jets, first fill up the bathtub with clean water and a couple tablespoons of powder dishwasher detergent. Then, let the whirlpool run for a full 20-minute cycle and drain.


    How it works:

    Hundreds of small channels are located around the perimeter of the tub that release air-filled bubbles to caress your skin.

    Improve your experience:

    The leader in air bath technology, BainUltra, now offers Geysair technology to heat the bubbles, instead of circulating room temperature air. Before, some air bathers noted the water felt chilly on their skin because the air coming out was dry and lost thermal energy. With Geysair technology, the air is heated and humidified and keeps its thermal energy to maintain a feeling of warmth. Additionally, many of the tubs come with heated backrests for added comfort.


    Air baths are virtually maintenance free since only air is coming out of the channels. Once the tub is drained, the blower will automatically turn on and purge out any excess water that may have been left in the channel.


    How it works:

    Sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth, Jason’s microsilk creates billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, small enough to penetrate the skin’s pores. The bubbles are so small they remove impurities while moisturizing and plumping the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    Improve your experience:

    Add the Jason “Magic Wand” to your bathing experience. The “Magic Wand” is a handheld that can be hooked up to the tub’s jets so you can concentrate the microbubbles specifically on your face.


    Jason recommends using their special cleaner once a month to purify the system.

    Other Therapies to Consider

    AromaCloud by BainUltra:

    The AromaCloud is an essential oil diffuser that can be built into BainUltra bathtubs. The AromaCloud instantly creates a “cloud” filled with essential oils that cascade down the side of the tub and into your bath creating a an enjoyable and invigorating olfactory experience.


    Chromatherapy uses an array of colored lights to activate circulation, promote digestion, reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, and reduce stress.

    Heated Back Rest

    Sit back and relax with a heated backrest that provides more comfort and promotes relaxation in your neck and back muscles.

    Stop by one of our showrooms today to see the therapies in action and talk to a showroom consultant to discover which therapy is right for you!

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