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  • 7 Products that Make Life Easier

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    As the kitchen and bath industry continues to evolve, we've been taking note of our favorite products that make life easier and simplify everyday tasks. From the ultimate medicine cabinet to a creative new take on the kitchen faucet, we've compiled 7 super functional products:

    1. Hidden Helpers by Asko Appliances >> Asko has come up with the perfect solutions for your laundry room needs. The "Hidden Helpers" collection includes pull-out hidden shelves and drawers, storage baskets and ironing boards that offer a clean look and are helpful in spaces of any size.

    2. M Series Full-Length Cabinet Mirror by Robern >>These partially recessed cabinets have 8" of depth to give you plenty of storage space. They are mirrored on the front and the inside and are full-length size, combining ample storage space with a sufficient mirror for getting ready.

     3. Night Light by Kohler >> Finally, the perfect product for late-night bathroom runs. Convenient for kids, seniors, or anyone who uses the bathroom in the middle of the night, this toilet seat acts a night light to help guide you safely in the dark. With two LED lights, the Night Light gives off a soft blue glow that is easy on the eyes.

    4. Easy Open Microwave Drawer by Sharp >>  As the first Microwave Drawer in the world, this appliance is the next generation of microwaves. It has two convenient ways to open or close the drawer (pull or push the Easy Open handle, or touch the Auto-Touch control) and is a much safer alternative than the overhead placement of microwaves. Plus, it has style, more features and a much quieter operation.

    5. Hot & Cold Water Filtration System by InSinkErator >> Taking water filtration a step further, InSinkErator offers both hot and cold water through one single filtration faucet. Offered in a variety of finishes and styles, this system is easy to match to your kitchen faucet. The hot water function can be used for a wide range of tasks such as loosening jar lids, making hot tea (or any hot drink), cooking al dente pasta, or blanching vegetables. The cold water function eliminates the need for a filter on your refrigerator and saves money by taking away the need to purchase bottled water.

    6. Convection Steam Oven by Wolf >> With 12 cooking functions, this steam oven allows you to cook a variety of foods with precision controls to ensure the best results possible. Cut down on cooking time since this oven doesn't have to preheat, and simply clean-up with a simple wipe down.

    7. Sweep Spray by Kohler >> New for 2014, the Sweep Spray has taken kitchen faucet functionality up a notch as it replaces the well-known circular spray patterns with a wide blade of water. The angled nozzle creates a stream that cuts through kitchen debris easily and makes cleaning dishes and the sink much faster, easier, and more precise. Simple, logical, functional.


    What functional and innovative products are you loving? Share with us in the comments below!

    Photos: 1 Asko, 2 Robern, 3 Kohler, 4 Sharp, 5 InSinkErator, 6 Sub-Zero Wolf, 7 Kohler

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