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    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Every hostess needs a helper. Discover the products that will make your life easier this holiday season so you can spend more time enjoying your friends and family and less time stuck in the kitchen.

    Dacor Discover iQ

    Take the guess work out of cooking times with Dacor’s new intuitive oven technology. The interface is easy to use and has pre-programmed cooking times and temperatures for popular dishes. You can even program your favorite recipes! Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth technology allows you to control the oven and receive alerts when dishes are done, all through your smart phone.

    Warming Drawers

    Timing is everything. Keep finished food at a precise temperature until you’re ready to serve it. Warming drawers have dozens of conductive heating paths ensure a quick and even heating.

    Sink Accessories

    Many accessories such as colanders, bottom grids, work shelves, cutting boards, and drain baskets are available to perfectly fit in your sink. For example, Kohler’s Stages Sink was inspired by chefs to stage the sink for prepping and clean-up. The 45” single bowl is perfect for accommodating larger pots and pans and has a stepped side platform for prepping food or drying dishes. The sink comes with fully integrated accessories such as a walnut cutting board, six microwavable bowls, dishwasher-safe utensil tray, versatile flip tray that works as a cutting board or a large tray for food prep, bottom basin racks, and a storage rack for accessories that are not in use.

    Blanco Crystalline prep sink

    Want a prep sink but need more countertop space? Blanco’s “vanishing sink” features a glass cover (available in white or black) that provides additional space while also doubling as a cutting board.

    Dornbracht Pivot

    Is it a faucet, pot filler or both? The Pivot’s 21-3/4” arm rotates 360° making it ideal to be used across an entire kitchen island for rinsing glasses in the sink or filling pots at your stovetop. A practical but discreet twist handle is located just above the spout to provide a simple, ergonomic operation.

    Touch or Sensor Faucet

    Prevent cross-contamination and conserve water with an electronic faucet. Touch faucets allow you to tap anywhere on the faucet with a finger or even your elbow when your hands aren’t available. Sensor faucets are activated when an object, like your hand or dish, is placed underneath the spout so you’re only using water when you need to. Find out which faucet is right for you: Electronic Faucets 101

    Instant Hot Water Dispenser


    Think of how many times you use hot water. Instant hot water dispensers deliver near boiling water within seconds right at your kitchen sink. Use it to make your favorite hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot cider or hot chocolate. Need to get something done? Cook pasta al dente, blanch vegetables, melt chocolate, thaw frozen foods, serve hot cereals; loosen jar lids, remove labels, candle wax residue, baked-on foods or tomato skins; polish silver or jewelry; and warm plates, ice cream scoops or baby bottles.

    Franke Rail System

    Keep important accessories within reach with a rail system. The wall-mounted rail, in 24” or 39” sections, accepts stainless steel shelves, hooks, colanders and other kitchen accessories designed to clip into a double row of rail slots to keep everything organized.

    Franke Scale

    Customize recipes for any size group or monitor portion sizes by using a kitchen scale. The Franke scale mounts right into your countertop and can be removed for cleaning. The easy to read LCD window indicates measures in increments of 1/8 ounce increasing to increments of ¼ ounce.

    Want to really impress your guests? Check out Entertain in Style.

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