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  • Perfect Pairings: Two Products That Complete Each Other

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Currently coupled or swinging single? Today, this detail doesn't matter. Valentine's Day, contrary to popular belief, is about celebrating love. And despite whether you're in a relationship or not, we're positive that you have a lot of love in your life to honor. For us—besides our *ahem* human companions—our most cherished loved ones are (of course) all things kitchen and bathroom.

    Like a velvety Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied by a sharp white cheddar, or creamy brie and a buttery Chardonnay, some products for the home just match. Happy Valentine's Day, lovers. Here are our nominees for perfectly paired household "couples":

    1. Galley trough sink and Waterworks regulator faucet

    Danny and Sandy. Jack and Rose. Thelma and Louise. These duos go down in history as a few of most iconic on-screen pairs ever casted. The Galley Ideal Workstation 5 (IWS 5) and Waterworks' regulator gooseneck faucet are no different. ISW 5 is the Galley's best selling work station. The 1-2 person station is available in a one or two bowl configuration and is outfitted with a 9-piece, dual-tier culinary kit in a variety of different finishes. This is not just any sink. The Galley IWS 5 is for those who love to cooked – or cooked for. An exceptional through sink needs nothing less than a meticulously crafted faucet. With its design roots modeled after industrial boiler room controls from the early 20th century, the Waterworks regulator is built of solid brass and finished with paint that is resistant to hard water.

    2.  Samuel Heath razor holder and Clear Mirror fog-free shaving mirror

    Mornings can be a challenge, even for those who are supremely organized. Clear Mirror's fog-free mirror allows you to shave, remove makeup, comb your hair and apply your favorite facial masks all within the warmth of your steamy shower. It doesn't detract from your shower system design either. The mirror installs flush with shower tiles for a seamless finish. Pair your Clean Mirror with a Samuel Heath contemporary shower basket. The rectangular insert comes in three different finishes—chrome, polished nickel and satin nickel—is completed with a smoke grey or white insert, hanging hook and razor compartment. Cue up Justin Timberlake: 'Cause it's like you're my mirror. My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me.

    3.  Watermark Elan Vital wall mount faucet and Stone Forest industrial pedestal

    There's something perfectly medieval, yet still contemporary, about Stone Forest's industrial pedestal. Like one of the greatest love stories of all-time, Romeo & Juliet, this hand-crafted basin only has one true match: Watermark's Elan Vital wall mount faucet. No other faucet design would work as harmoniously with the SF pedestal as the Elan Vital. Picture washing your hands and face at this pedestal after a long swim in your pool, sweat in your sauna or steam in your schvitz. Did our heart love 'til now?

    4. Subzero Pro 48 fridge and 60" dual fuel Wolf range with griddle

    Subzero-Wolf calls this pair "The Showstopper" for good reason. The Subzero Pro 48 fridge will keep your high quality produce and other perishables at their height of freshness, while the Wolf 60" dual fuel range will give you the tools to precisely cook any type of cuisine. Both are crafted from stainless steal and are meant to last decades, not years. The range includes dual-stacked gas burners on its topside and twin Wolf dual convection electric ovens below. The Subzero Pro 48 includes a freezer on the left. Refrigerator on the right. If this pair doesn't define "true romance," we're not sure what does.

    Call Edelman to speak with an expert sales associate to learn more about our offerings or to visit our showroom.

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