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  • The Comfort of Radiant Heated Floors

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Stay comfortable this fall and winter by installing radiant heated floors. In addition to being more efficient than forced-air heating, it is the preferred source for those with allergies because it does not circulate dust and allergens from one room to another. And with precise zoning control, it allows for unoccupied rooms to be set at lower temperatures to conserve energy.

    Homeowners will enjoy added comfort throughout their home while contractors will enjoy easy installation.

    Viega Rapid Grid features and benefits:

    • Versatile
    • 2" thickness of insulation equivalent to R-10 thermal resistance
    • Compressive resistance at 10% deformation at 25 psi/3600 psf
    • Able to walk pipe in for a quick and easy installation
    • Save on materials because no fasteners required
    • Incredible labor savings due to needing only one person to install pex
    • Lightweight grid

    If you would like more information on radiant heated floors, please email dan@edelmanhome.com or call 216-591-0150 X110.

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