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  • Design your Bathroom for the Future

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Look forward to growing older in the comfort of your home by incorporating universal design solutions. With just a little planning, you can create a space to accommodate people of all ages, sizes and abilities. Thousands of products on the market make it possible to design the bathroom of your dreams without sacrificing form for function.


    Contemporary Bathroom by Bethesda Design-Build Firms CARNEMARK[/caption]

    The smallest design detail will ensure your shower is comfortable and safe for all users. Install a barrier free threshold instead of the standard 3"-5" shower curb. This will eliminate a potentially dangerous step - especially when wet. From tile and cultured marble to acrylic and fiberglass, there are many shower base materials from which to choose regardless of your budget.

     WETSTYE Cube Seat[/caption]

    Incorporate a bench, corner seat, or even a foldable chair to your shower with a handheld showerhead installed next to it.

    Jaclo slide bar grab bar[/caption]

    Handhelds can be mounted two different ways - on a slide bar or on a bracket. If you want to use a slide bar, there are decorative options now that also double as a grab bar! Plus, the handheld is also great for cleaning the shower.

    If you are interested in a drop-in or undermount tub, pay close attention to the width of the deck so you have adequate room to sit down and swing your legs into the tub. Adding grab bars inside the tub will also assist you when entering and exiting.

    Traditional Bathroom by Saratoga General Contractors Cornado - Home Builders[/caption]
    Jacuzzi Finestra[/caption]

    If you love to bathe but find it too difficult to step into a bathtub, install a walk-in bath. The Jacuzzi Finestra has a double seal door with a magnetic latching system so you don’t have to worry about the tub leaking. We recommend adding a heater above the tub for added comfort while filling and draining the tub.

    Grab Bars
    Unsightly grab bars are a thing of the past. Today’s options come in a variety finishes, sizes and styles to coordinate with any bathroom decor. For remodelers, anchoring systems are available so grab bars can be mounted virtually anywhere on the wall. Some options are even camouflaged by another purpose such as the decorative shelf pictured below.


    Left and middle: decorative grab bars by Jaclo. Right: Moen 9" grab bar with shelf[/caption]
    Install a comfort height toilet. As the name suggestions, these toilets are more comfortable to use since they are the same height as a standard chair and about two inches taller than a standard toilet.
    Select lever handles for your faucet. Levers are easier to grasp than a knob or cross handle.

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