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    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Create the perfect first impression by boosting your home’s curb appeal. Here are some design ideas to get you started.

    Grand Entry
    The entryway speaks volumes about your pride in your home. Make a statement with your entry door by painting it a bold color. This will draw your guests in and help to accent the exterior of your home.
    If you replace your front door, select a custom wood door with a unique style that will coordinate with your home.
    Set the stage around the entry door. Welcome visitors with furniture such as matching rocking chairs, a glider or Adirondack chairs. For smaller spaces, a petite-sized bench is a welcome addition to the entryway.

    Make it even more personal by adding some greenery, potted flowers, a wreath on the door, or some strategically placed accessories.
    Even with a limited budget, you can greatly enhance the exterior of your home. Try updating your door hardware, add decorative house numbers, change out your mailbox, or replace your door knocker with something that will make a “wow” statement.
    [caption id="attachment_811" align="alignnone" width="561"]Door Hardware and Accessories by Rocky Mountain[/caption]
    When replacing your hardware, consider the style of your home. And remember, the finish can completely transform a piece of hardware. If your home is traditional, opt for oil rubbed bronze or wrought iron finishes. If your home is contemporary, opt for chrome or brushed nickel finishes.
    Create a beautiful landscape that can be admired during the day, the night and throughout the year. Start by planting perennials you can enjoy every spring and summer and incorporate flowering vines on fences and trellises for an added pop of color at varying heights. Planters and baskets are also a great option for adding dimension to your yard.
    Keep your house color in mind when selecting plants and flowers. For example, soft pinks, blues and maroons will help cool down a redbrick home
    If you live in an area with long winters, incorporate bushes and trees that will stay green year-round for much needed color in January and February.
    Survey the entire property before designing hardscapes (driveways, walkways and patios). You will need to make sure there is excellent drainage. Play with a variety of shapes and curves that blend with your landscaping. Whether you are looking to create an area that is extremely formal or simply whimsical, choosing the right materials will make a big difference.


    Garage Doors
    Garage doors don’t have to be boring and drab. Try finding a unique style or color that goes with your home. If your home is traditional, the most discerning homeowners often select carriage style garage doors. A combination of old-world design and state-of-the-art technology, carriage doors offer reliable performance, low maintenance and exceptional workmanship.
    [caption id="attachment_813" align="alignnone" width="500"] Garage Doors by Carriage House Door[/caption] [caption id="attachment_812" align="alignnone" width="500"] Contemporary Garage Doors by Carriage House Doors[/caption]
    Outdoor lighting is often overlooked. Lighting not only increases your curb appeal at night, but it adds ambiance and safety to your home. Try incorporating some of the following techniques to highlighting your home’s architectural features and the landscaping: Up lighting, down lighting, silhouette lighting, shadowing and grazing light.

    Want a little more inspiration? Check out our "Curb Appeal" board on our Pinterest page.


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