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  • 7 Ways to Personalize Your Home

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    Decorative hardware on your cabinets, a stunning wall sconce, a pop of detail on your sink drain, a crystal finial on your bathroom faucet. Finishing touches can add loads of personality and dimension to any room. They can be built into a design in the beginning stages, as an add-on at the end of a project to liven things up, or over time as you find the perfect pieces. These details are the jewelry to your design—they may not always be the obvious focal point of a room, but will provide a sense of completion, a uniqueness, and a welcoming feeling when discovered.

    Finishing touches can be anything from a door knocker to artwork and plants, and they allow the owner’s personality to shine through. Here are 7 of our favorite products:

    SoKo ManHandles Collection by Jaye Design

    With a background in sculpture and theater design, Cari Jaye Sokoloff created the ultimate conversation pieces to add to your furniture, cabinets or doors. The ManHandles Collection is distinctive, decorative cabinet hardware and accessories that will be sure to get your guests talking. Plus, they’re functional and can be ordered in a wide range of luxurious finishes in hand cast bronze and stainless steel.

    SoKo ManHandles Collection[/caption]


    ZeroDrain by California Faucets

    This sink drain is perfect for those who love to put emphasis on the finest details. In the open position, the stopper is level with the sink, which offers a classy “zero clearance” design. Easy to clean, easy to install and service, and available in 30+ artisan finishes, the ZeroDrain allows you to personalize an item that is often forgotten and give it a new, sleek look.

    ZeroDrain by California Faucets[/caption]


    RSVP Collection by Brizo

    Who would've imagined that Swarovski crystals could be incorporated into your bathroom? For some extra glam, the RSVP Collection works with traditional and contemporary designs and brings a look of “casual elegance”. Available in Brilliance Brushed Nickel, Brilliance Brushed Bronze, or Chrome, this collection adds a pop of crystal where you’d least expect it, a detail that is impossible to miss.

    Brizo's RSVP Collection[/caption]


    Wall Sconces by Hudson Valley Lighting

    Your lighting fixtures don’t have to serve just for function; they can also be a beautiful added detail in any room. Hudson Valley Lighting wall sconces are available in stunning finishes like polished nickel, aged brass and old bronze, and offer a wide range of unique designs that will complete any room.

    Hudson Valley Lighting Barton and Bleeker sconces[/caption]



    Mosaic Collection by Schaub Hardware

    Say goodbye to dull cabinet hardware with the Mosaic Collection from Schaub Hardware. These knobs and pulls are like jewelry for your cabinets. The contemporary Italian design is gorgeous, eye-catching, and functional. Available in French Antique Bronze, Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome.

    Mosaic Collection by Schaub[/caption]



    Decorative Drains from Linkasink

    Jazz up any sink with a decorative drain from Linksasink. Available in metal, shell, cloisonné, stone, semi-precious stone and jeweled, these drain covers are the perfect solution for adding some personality to your bathroom. With over 65 distinctive designs available, this accessory has become one of the most exciting and unique in the kitchen and bath industry. Plus, they’re fully functional, will fit any standard drain opening, and are easy to install.

    Decorative drain covers from Linkasink[/caption]



    Door Knockers by Rocky Mountain

    Available in 4”, 5”, 7”, and 12” round, and a unique 8” square, these door knockers are designed with function and beauty in mind and are a great way to add some character to any entry door. Any of Rocky Mountain’s pieces can be customized by selecting the patina and finish, making it a fun way to incorporate your personality front and center.

    Door Knockers by Rocky Mountain[/caption]



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