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  • 8 Ways to Transform Your Laundry Room

    Posted by Daniel Edelman on

    The laundry room doesn’t have to be just for laundry! Try creating a multi-purpose space that reflects your lifestyle and your personality.

    Potting Station
    If you have a green thumb, designate an area of your laundry room for potting plants. Include a nice large sink with a work shelf that will allow you to pot, water, wash and rinse you plants.


     Kohler Harborview Sink with Antique faucet[/caption]

    Craft Area
    Add counter space and sufficient storage for wrapping gifts, creating craft projects and sewing.
    Desk Area
    Add a simple desk area to the laundry room to increase productivity. Sit down to pay bills, plan meals or create shopping lists while you are waiting for loads of laundry to finish.
    Pet Care Center
    Invest in a large deep sink to bathe your pets or build a miniature custom shower on a raised platform with a hand shower for easy rinsing.
    Hidden Helpers
    Some laundry manufacturers offer “hidden helpers” so you can make the most of limited space. Asko, for example, offers accessories such as ironing boards and folding shelves that neatly tuck out of sight when not in use.
     Asko Double Shelf HiddenHelper[/caption]
    Add a drying cabinet to your laundry room. Hang dry your delicate clothes or place damp shoes and boots on the bottom rack, camouflaged behind closed doors.
     Asko Drying Cabinet[/caption]
    Paint It
    Design doesn't always have to be so serious. Paint your laundry room your favorite color.

    Traditional Laundry Room by Ottawa Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Laurysen Kitchens Ltd.

    Accessorize It
    Add some character to the room with fun cabinet hardware.
    Atlas Spa Collection Hardware[/caption]
    Or, try installing a chandelier to add a little glamour to a room dedicated to a not-so-glamorous chore. 

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